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Stiletto TIBONE™ III Milled/Curve Titanium (15 oz)


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handLIMITED STOCK. The STILETTO® 15oz TIBONE™ III Hammer with Milled Steel Face and 18" Curved Handle is our most powerful and most durable hammer. This 15oz full titanium hammer hits like a 28oz steel hammer, with 45% less weight and 10x less recoil shock. It is recommended for rough framing, remodeling, and pole barn construction. The TIBONE™ III features a 180° side nail puller that allows you to pull 6D-16D nails with ease and includes a magnetic nail starter.

  • 15oz Titanium Head with Steel Face Hits Like a 28oz Steel Head

  • 180⁰ Side Nail Puller - Pulls 6D-16D Nails with Ease

  • Replaceable Milled or Smooth Steel Face

  • Magnetic Nail Starter

  • Lightweight Titanium Handle Balanced to Maximize Swing

  • Durable Constructed Grip

  • Straight Claw Design

  • Ergonomic Thumb Divot in Handle for Increased Control

  • Made in USA

  • Stiletto_TI-BONE III Face Replacement Instructions

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